About Rouler & Bouler

Rouler & Bouler is the fruit of a little adventure of a mother since the birth of her baby in 2019 . #Mompreneur

The goal was to have an ideal play mat/play mat for children AND parents. Because we realized that we spent a lot of time on the floor with the baby in order to enjoy every moment: tummy time, massage, turning, crawling and first steps, etc.

So we wanted to create an evolving floor mat which would be both an activity mat but also a play mat which becomes a relaxation space for the whole family. The rug that we won't throw away after a year or two... especially without the inconveniences we experienced before.

In short, here are our few “tests” on play mats.

The beginning of our adventure in baby floor mats

From baby's birth until around 3 months, we opted for a classic fabric play mat like many parents. Except that we have a very drooling baby… between the drool and the milk we spent our time washing him.

Then when my baby was 6 months old, we took a thinner play mat with a crawling gantry, easier to wash but it did not absorb any shock, normal. It is also full of colors and did not go at all with the decor of our living room.

Above all, its surface area of ​​less than one square meter seemed to us to be too small for the baby to be able to fully develop his motor skills.
Let's not even talk about the integrated awakening arch that we couldn't even move!

The last option on the children's mat market was foam tiles/puzzles but we weren't too sure of the quality. And then the problem with the decoration always comes back.

This is how Rouler & Bouler was born, THE ideal play mat which will be waterproof, decorative-friendly, large and comfortable.