How to stimulate your baby's motor skills with a suitable play mat?

Helping your baby develop motor skills is crucial for their overall development. A play mat is an effective tool to encourage your child to move and explore their environment.

We have already written a complete guide to choosing the best motor skills mat for your baby . Today, we will explain in detail how to stimulate your baby's motor skills using a suitable play mat. You will also discover the crucial role that the play mat plays in your child's motor development.

What are the different types of play mats?

A. Classic play mat

The basic play mat is the simplest and most affordable type. This is usually a soft fabric quilted mat with a few toys for entertain the baby while he is on his stomach or back . Although it may seem minimalist, classic play mats still provide educational and sensory value for babies. These play mats are a little limited in time. As babies grow, they move around a lot, as do carpets, which doesn't make them very sustainable over time.

B. Interactive play mat

The interactive activity mat is a little more advanced. They often have toys and accessories that light up, make noise, or move when the baby touches or hits them. Interactive play mats can also have mirrors.

These features stimulate babies' attention and curiosity, but they are often limited in terms of size and comfort like traditional play mats.

C. Evolutionary play mat

The evolving play mat is designed to grow with the baby. It can have removable toys and interchangeable accessories to adapt to the baby's different stages of development. For example, an evolving play mat may have play arches that can be removed when the baby begins to crawl or sit up.

The Rouler & Bouler baby play mats are progressive motor skills mats that are suitable from a very young age. They can be used as a play mat for the first months, then as a motor skills mat. Once you have learned to walk, the carpet will become a play space for older children. The memory foam material will allow your baby to move without any problem and thus develop their motor skills freely.

What are the different activities to offer on a play mat to stimulate your baby's motor skills?

A. The stomach position

The stomach position is very important for the development of motor skills in babies. It helps strengthen the muscles of the neck, back and arms. On a play mat, you can encourage your baby to spend tummy time by placing colorful and attractive toys in front of him. You can also sit across from your baby to talk to him and encourage him to raise his head.

B. The position on the back

The supine position is also essential for the development of motor skills. She allows to strengthen the neck and leg muscles.

On a play mat, you can offer activities or books to your baby by placing him on his back.

C. Fine motor exercises

Fine motor exercises help strengthen hand and finger muscles, as well as develop hand-eye coordination. You can offer your baby manipulative games, such as cubes or rings.

D. Activities to awaken the senses

Activities to awaken the senses are also important for the development of motor skills in babies. You can offer your baby sensory toys, like rattles or sensory bottles, to stimulate their curiosity and ability to grasp and manipulate objects.

It is important to vary the exercises and adapt them according to the age and abilities of your baby for optimal development.


Now that you have chosen the perfect play mat for your baby, here are some tips for optimal use:

  • Place the play mat in a safe and comfortable place for your baby. Avoid uneven surfaces or high traffic areas to avoid falls or accidents.
  • Never leave your baby unsupervised on the play mat. Although play mats are designed to be safe, adult supervision is still necessary to keep your baby safe.
  • Wash the play mat and toys regularly to prevent the build-up of bacteria and germs. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's washing instructions. Rouler & Bouler play mats are very easily washable because the surfaces are waterproof.
  • Encourage your baby to explore and play on the play mat. Show him how to touch the toys around him, move his arms and legs, and explore his environment.
  • Use the play mat as a bonding time with your baby. Sit with him, sing songs, read stories and talk to him to stimulate his social and linguistic development.

We hope these tips will help you get the most out of your play mat and provide a positive experience for your baby.

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